What is “Glued with Food”?

Long distance relationships are never easy. The heartache from missing someone you love is a powerful feeling that can be difficult to deal with. We are Madison and Darius, welcome to our story.

Let’s go back to January 2018, where a simple elevator ride in our freshman dorm would change our lives forever. What started as small talk turned into a late-night conversation and a dinner date the next night. Since then we have had incredible experiences from skydiving to doing New Year’s Eve in Times Square, running obstacle course races, hiking, and so much more. Unfortunately, lately and for the next while, we will not be able to do many of these things because our relationship is long distance. The University of Cincinnati has an amazing “Co-op” program that allows students to alternate semesters between taking classes and getting real-world job experience. This program has allowed Madison to work for an architecture firm in New York City. However, for me being on a pre-med track, these internships are not available since (for some odd reason) they don’t let students do any medical work on patients before having a degree. So, while Madison is in New York working, I am here in Cincinnati taking classes. Madison is scheduled to return to Cincinnati for the Summer semester, however, I have been accepted to study abroad in Costa Rica, so the distance will only grow. Then, once I return from Costa Rica, she will go back to work in New York. Dealing with this distance has not been easy, even though there is no doubt in our relationship about each other, it is hard being away from the person that you love. THIS is why we decided to start “Glued with Food”.

The two of us have a passion for finding good eats wherever we travel, and so we plan to use this hobby as a way for us to stay connected until we can physically be together again to make posts. This blog is going to cover different restaurants and foods we each try during our personal adventures, and our hope is that it can be entertaining and informative for your travels as well. So welcome to our lives and to the Glued with Food family, thank you for reading, without you (the reader), none of this would be possible. I hope this blog ends up meaning something to you, just like it means something to us, and remember: “Even when the distance is far, we will always be Glued with Food.”


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