127 4th Ave, New York, NY 10003

Yet another review coming at you from the East Village but this time we decided to try out a new burger place by the name of Bar Bacon. First impressions of the place were great! The growing architect in me was absolutely in love with the flooring as it was an opalescent blue concrete. Absolutely beautiful! The rest of the interior was amazing as well and had a very industrial feel and there was actually a ton of space which is pretty rare for any restaurant in the area.

Now onto the food! As the name of the restaurant suggests, almost everything had some type of bacon on it. However, it would be very easy to go with the no bacon option if bacon isn’t your thing. I ordered the Porchetta Chicken and Bacon Biscuits and overall it was really good! It had three small biscuits on top of the gravy and I really appreciated that they were on top because I am not one who enjoys soggy bread. The flavor was very rich and definitely had the bacon essence that the restaurant boasts about. My mom and my sister also really enjoyed their food. My mom got a burger called the Bar Bacon Burger and my sister got the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich. Even though I didn’t try either of them they looked super good and they had pretzel buns which are a win for me! The burger was cooked well and was thick and juicy but not greasy. The bacon on both sandwiches was also thick cut and crispy. Perfect! I did, however, get to try the fries that came with their sandwiches and they were so good. The seasoning on them really helped to liven up what would have been just your average french fry.

The biggest negative I had with this restaurant was the fact that there was a group of people promoting their gym that would walk up to your table while you were eating. We ended up having two different people try to talk to us about their gym I saw them try to talk to everyone else as well. I’m not sure if this is a frequent thing but I personally didn’t enjoy being bothered while eating.

Bar Bacon has many other creative options such as Chocolate Covered Bacon, Bacon Tasting and BBQ Burnt Ends, which sound odd but they’ve won an award so I’ll keep an open mind! I will definitely be going back to try the Chocolate Covered Bacon!


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