El Toro- NEW YORK, NY ⭑⭑⭑⭒⭒

69 New St, New York, NY 10004

While Darius was visiting me for spring break I still had to work sadly so we decided we would meet for lunch since we couldn’t spend the entire day together. I let Darius choose and he decided on a fast-casual Mexican restaurant called “El Toro”. This little place is tucked away in the financial district of Manhattan and you probably won’t notice it unless you were specifically looking for it.

While the restaurant itself is small they made great use of the space and were able to fit a lot of tables in the space without feeling like you were right on top of someone else. It was extremely busy when we arrived, but the line moved quickly and was well organized. The staff did a great job of being friendly and helpful in getting people through.

As far as the food goes, my Chicken Quesadilla was good, but not great. There was a lot inside including fresh vegetables and free guac which blended together for a good taste, and the use of cilantro gave it a nice flavor. However, even though the chicken had a decent flavor from the slightly spicy seasoning, the chicken was a bit dry and there wasn’t anything too unique about the quesadilla that would set it apart from others. Darius says his Steak Burrito was very good with great seasoning and tasty ingredients like tomato, beans, and onion. He got his with the spicy sauce and said it was delicious and not too overpowering.

Overall, it was a great lunch spot because of the fast service and reasonable prices. In our opinion, it beats many of the similar chain restaurants. There isn’t anything too special about this place, but it definitely provides everything you could want in a fast, casual Mexican restaurant. Worth the visit if you want to try something new for lunch

-Darius and Madison

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