91A S 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Having a nice brunch is one of my favorite things and this review is of one of my favorite brunch places in the Williamsburg area and New York as a whole. This visit to Loosie’s Cafe and Kitchen is not my first try of this place but it was my first time visiting since we’ve had the blog up!

Both the exterior and interior of this place is absolutely amazing. When arriving at the building you walk through a tunnel of plants with hanging lights to get to the door. There is also a random old bathtub to the right which is pretty sweet in my opinion. I’d love to just sit inside and have my meal. Upon entering you are in a brightly lit room that resembles a greenhouse of sorts which is because of the glass ceiling and the many plants. The first time I visited we sat at the bar downstairs because of the long wait for a table upstairs. The basement is its own kind of cool and goes by Loosie Rouge. There is a lot of old antiques including a piano and a very interesting wrapping table that is attached to the wall across from the bar. It really makes you feel as though you’re in another time period. The staff here has always been really friendly and helpful and have a good knowledge of the diverse menu.

My first visit here I had Chicken and Waffles which was very good. The chicken had a spicy sauce on it which has the perfect amount of heat (to me that is). The chicken was moist while the exterior was nice and crispy. It is paired with a scallion pancake and raspberry habanero syrup which are pretty unique flavors on their own but they are great together too. Two of my friends I went with decided upon getting this option and they both really enjoyed it!  I decided to try something new this time even though it was hard to pass up the Chicken and Waffles. The Baked Eggs and Brisket sounded like it would be a nice twist on the traditional steak and eggs and it was! The dish included French fries, cheddar cheese, red peppers, baked egg, shredded brisket and was topped with something called comeback sauce. The sauce had a decent spice level to it which I was not expecting at all but it was a nice surprise! The protein were both cooked nicely and the brisket was moist and had a rather flavorful sauce on it. I was super happy the fries were thinly cut because honestly, I’m not a huge fan of super thick fries because it’s hard to get them nice and crispy. Overall, this dish was unique, amazing and had a lot of flavor.

Side note: The coffee here is also amazing and doesn’t need extra frills to make it taste better. You won’t be disappointed!

Overall this was another great trip to Loosies and they have yet to disappoint. Also, I want to give special thanks to my friend Aditya AKA Bean for letting me take pictures of his food and helping me “set the scene”!

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