514 (3/4) E. Sixth St., New York, NY 10009

Guess what? We found the best coffee shop ever! (in our opinion that is) And if you can’t guess by the address above this place is 100% Harry Potter themed. From the potion-esque drinks to the Harry Potter decor and the very ‘witchin’ staff who love to show off the shop and their own magical abilities. And of course, there’s the Butterbeer!

Steamy Hallows opened only a few months ago in the East Village but word has spread quickly about this place to tourists and locals alike. Darius and I decided to stop in one day since it is only a few blocks walk from my apartment. Despite being a very small shop they have a multitude of Harry Potter themed items which will make any fan ecstatic and stop to spend a few minutes searching for all the connections to the books.

While we were there I had to try the Butterbeer Latte because what is more Harry Potter than Butterbeer? And I have to say it was phenomenal! And not just because I’m a big fan of the franchise. There was a lot of flavor and the coffee was very high quality. They even topped it with golden sparkles and whipped cream. Adorable! Darius decided to try something else and got the Love Potion. This had more subtle flavors of Raspberry, Rose, and Mocha and was topped with pink sparkles. This was very good as well and I would recommend it for someone who wants some flavor but not overpowering sweetness. I’ve also tried the Basic Witch on another trip with my mother and it was great as well. It is more of a salted caramel flavor and is a good in-between sweetness level as opposed to the Butterbeer and Love Potion.

What’s also great is that they understand not everyone enjoys coffee. You can turn any item into a hot chocolate instead of a latte. And as an added bonus you can ask for the black milk for either version and you will get to see some real-life magic done by the baristas! They also have a few options for teas as well.

On top of all the wizard-y drinks, they have some fresh baked cookies that have a few different flavors as well such as Butterbeer and Coffee Chocolate Chip.

I highly recommend this spot if you’re ever in New York and love Harry Potter! We won’t show a ton of interior pictures so you have plenty to discover on your own if you get the chance to visit!

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