234 S Market St, Wooster, OH 44691

While on my first visit back to Wooster in almost 5 months my family decided to stop and get something to eat at somewhere new we had never tried before. That place was Flamingo Jacks.

This place to me mixes casual dining and fine dining to create a nice blend of the two. The theme was very “beachy” with lots of surfboards, leafy green plants, and wooden accents all around. They even had a back patio area for the Summer. Something else that was interesting about this place was the fact that all the plates and bowls they had seemed to be different and unique in their own way which I thought was pretty neat. The food had a variety of more fine dining options and then other options such as sandwiches and burgers. The service was superb as well and our server was very nice and knowledgeable of the menu and the specials they had for the day.

As for the food I decided to start with a cup of the Carolina She-Crab Soup and I have to say it was one of the best soups I’ve ever had! It was very rich, creamy, and had a nice amount of heat to it. There was also plenty of crab meat in it too. For my entree, I went with the Pan Seared Scallops. This dish included Risotto Croquettes, (which is essentially risotto that has been breaded and fried), Jumbo Scallops, and is topped with a little bit of She-Crab Sauce and Braised Arugula.  This dish was also very good as well! The scallops were cooked perfectly and melted in your mouth like butter, the Risotto Croquettes were yummy and crispy, and the overall flavors were very rich and complemented each other well even though it seemed to be a very different flavor profile than I’ve ever seen before. However, it wasn’t a huge portion since I ordered it off the Small Plates menu though so, in the end, I was glad I got a cup of soup to compliment it. My sister chose to get a burger called the Pulled Pork Barbecue Mac ‘n Cheese Burger and it looked delicious and was huge! My mom ended up getting a Shrimp Po’ Boy which was equally as large and yummy looking. Both of them really enjoyed their food. We also got a small portion of Truffle Fries to share and they were so good! I have never had truffle fries before but I know a lot of places serve them and I now see why. They’re great!

I really wish I had more time at home just so I can go back and try some of the other amazing dishes Flamingo Jacks has! I highly recommend this place to everyone who happened to be in the area!


On another note, this is a link to the reusable straws Darius and I have been using lately and that are shown in the images above from Flamingo Jacks! I highly recommend them or any type of reusable straw instead of using single use straws! They are much more friendly to the environment, can save you money if you purchase straws on a regular basis, and super easy to clean! Check them out here: Reusable Metal Straws

Amazon has a ton of other options as well which can be found here: Reusable Straws

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