1342 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Do you enjoy a fun, relaxed eating environment? How about delicious chicken? Well, then I have the place for you! The Eagle is a restaurant located in OTR in Cincinnati that my parents and I decided to visit at the end of the semester.

The first thing you’ll notice when you are seated is that most of the tables in the restaurant are large party tables. This means that if you come with a small group (like our group of 3), you will likely be sat with another small group at your table. While this may be intimidating at first, I really liked it because it allows for you to meet and have a good conversation with new people. This large table restaurant set up, with the bar being in the center of the restaurant really creates an amicable and welcoming eating environment. What also helped this was our friendly server. Her knowledge and clear explanations of the menu was incredible. Us being first timers, she explained the most popular dishes, any awards they had won, and exactly how the more popular dishes were prepared. This helped me make a very informed decision on what I was ordering.

I ordered the ¼ Chicken (white meat) which is served with their Spicy Hot Honey. I also had a side of their famous Mac and Cheese. Their chicken is what they are known for, and I can definitely see why. The meat itself was so soft and juicy, which is from the special way they prepare it (ask your server to explain the process, it’s incredible). Then the breading around it was seasoned perfectly, and it was not falling off as I ate it nor overly crispy. The sauce they serve the chicken with was really good and had a sweet initial taste with a hot aftertaste. Even though the sauce was tasty, personally I thought the chicken was so good that I’d recommend eating it without the sauce. I ordered the Mac and Cheese because it was another one of the server’s recommendations, and again, it exceeded expectations. It was so creamy and delicious… words do not do it justice, you’ll have to just try it yourself.

My dad ordered the Fried Chicken Sandwich which had coleslaw, spicy mayo, and pickles on it. He said it was good, but the server said that chicken was not prepared the same way as the chicken I ordered. The only major downside I saw to this place was their lack of vegetarian/vegan options, which left my mom settling on a meal option instead of choosing something that looked really good.

Overall, this restaurant was a great place for a group get-together, especially with their large drink menu (for our readers who are 21+). The food menu wasn’t giant, but their dishes are executed very well and everything was very fresh. I definitely recommend trying it when in the Cincinnati area. I know I will be returning to try some of their other great options!


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