11023 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45249

Hello all! It’s been a while but we had a pretty busy summer and are back for the foreseeable future! This time we will be talking about The Melting Pot! I have only been once and it was many years ago so I was ready to go back and show Darius why this place is so amazing. In the end, we both had an amazing time and I’m pretty sure I’ve turned Darius into a Fondue lover like me even though he didn’t really know what fondue was before this trip. However, before going it is important to note that you do all the cooking yourself from your table which is pretty fun! It’s very low stress as the staff help with any questions you have and give pretty clear instructions.

On to the food! We started out with the Classic Alpine fondue. It contained Gruyère, Raclette, Fontina, White Wine, Garlic, and a little bit of Nutmeg. I am a lover of Gruyere so of course, I found this amazing! It has a very assertive flavor so if you’re looking for more of a subtle flavor maybe try another option. The nutmeg on top also added a very nice note to the earthy flavor of the cheese. They provide various breads, veggies such as broccoli and carrots, and even apples for dipping. My personal favorite was the apple and cheese because they are such contrasting flavors and textures! Amazing! We then each ordered a small salad. I chose Caesar while Darius chose the House. Both were good and very fresh but nothing super special about them. 

Now, this is where your cooking skills come in! They have a few different cooking options such as grilling or boiling you can choose from. We decided upon the Mojo flavored boil since it was one of the easier cooking methods and contained flavors we both enjoyed like cilantro, garlic, and citrus. In the end, the broth really delivered in flavor. We both ended up ordering The Classic entree to cook which was filled with many proteins including Garlic Pepper Sirloin, Shrimp, Memphis-Style Pork, Teriyaki Sirloin, and Herb-Crusted Chicken Breast. Our waitress was also super helpful about cooking times for each specific protein. Our favorites ended up being The Herb Crusted Chicken Breast and the Garlic Pepper Sirloin!

For the final course, even though we were already super full, we chose the Candy Bar fondue. It was a combo of Chocolate, Carmel, Crunchy PB, Butterscotch Schnapps, and Bailey’s Irish Cream.  And let me tell you it was delicious. It had a great texture from the PB and amazing flavor as well. It was a great twist on the popular PB and chocolate combo. Our waitress was even nice enough to give us more dessert dippers since we had leftover chocolate!

Overall, even though it is fairly expensive The Melting Pot will not disappoint and is sure to deliver in atmosphere, wonderful staff and most of all amazing food!


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