I have officially been to Smorgasburg three times now and have been able to try a lot of yummy foods so I figured I’d share my experience since I have always left happy and satisfied!

Here is a brief history of Smorgasburg to get us started! It is located in a few places throughout the city including Williamsburg, Prospect Park, and at the Westfield World Trade Center. It is currently the largest open-air food market out there even though it was a very small market when it first started in Williamsburg. It quickly grew in size after people raved about all the yummy food and it is now home to over 100 vendors each of which are unique and delicious.

Onto the Food! The following is a list of what I’ve been so fortunate to try:

  • CONNECTICUT LOBSTER ROLL (Red Hook Lobster)- Super fresh, had good flavor but it’s pretty expensive for what you get. I prefer Luke’s Lobster but this was a close second!
  • MARGARITA PIZZA CUPCAKES (Pizza Cupcakes)- tastes like your average pizza but it was a very cool and new concept! They were a little smaller than expected too but worth it.
  • PINEAPPLE JOHN (Johns juices)- I’m not a huge pineapple person but i decided to get this for the aspect of getting to walk around and drink out of a whole pineapple! It was honestly so good! Super fresh and delicious. It was nice to have a nice refreshing drink place amongst all the food. They also have paper straws!
  • HORCHATA DONUT (Dough)- I’ve had many donuts from Dough and they never disappoint! They are huge, always have unique flavors, and are fresh. Definitely worth the few dollars.
  • TRIPLE FAT FRIES (Duck Season) Definitely a two-person food. Super yummy but very rich. The fried duck skin that is on top is amazing too!
  • WOWFULL CREATION (Wowfulls) – I got the Crazy Vanilla(which is rainbow colored) with fruity pebbles and chocolate sauce on top. Its presentation was amazing and worthy of instagram for sure. The waffle it came with was one of the best I’ve ever had!
  • GRILLED STREET CORN (Biska)- I love corn! Especially when it is grilled and topped with cheese and yummy sauces! This has to be one of my favorite things I have tried here. Just goes to show you don’t need something fancy or expensive for it to be delicious!
  • VEGAN CHILI CHEESE FRIES (Monks Meats) – Tasted just like chili cheese fries which I was kind of shocked by. The fries themselves were amazing as well and not soggy like they can become when topped with tons of toppings.
  • BUFFALO CHICKEN WAFFLE CONE (The Blue Chicken)- Not only was this photogenic but the chicken was moist on the inside and crispy on the outside! Perfect! I chose The buffalo sauce and it was great! I love spice and it had the perfect amount.

Just a Few Tips:

  • It’s better to go with a group of people so you can split food and therefore try more!   
  • Prospect Park tends to be less busy than the Williamsburg location and has most of the big names that are at Williamsburg
  • Both Prospect Park and Williamsburg have many places to sit but Williamsburg has the best view of Manhattan
  • They have a place to fill up a water bottle too so be sure to bring one
  • They also sell stainless steel cups with their logo for $3 ($1 if you have Apple Pay)

Be sure to check out their website if you want to know more:

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